Why Use Send it

As a disruptive, web-based logistics solution, Send it partners with the world’s leading courier companies to obtain the best rates in real time for all your shipping needs.

From documents and passports to fragile items and outsize extra baggage, Send it negotiates the best rates with courier companies to give you the luxury of choice.

How It Works

Send it offers reliable and trouble-free worldwide shipping to over 220 countries and territories.

Fill out the details, take your pick of quotes from the world’s best domestic and international courier services and then prepare your shipment. Our team does the rest.

Whether it’s an express shipping, ecommerce or extra luggage on your next trip home, our network of preferred partners ensures you always have the best rates on the market.
Send it anywhere with Send it.

Quote & Book

To pick a quote from the world’s best courier services, simply fill in the details of your shipment, including the route and the size of the package. Read our measuring instructions.

Prepare your shipment

Pack the item you want to send in an envelope or box that can be sealed and secured. Choose packaging that will survive handling along the route.


Schedule a pick-up on our site at a time and place that is convenient to you. Keep ready any required documentation – this may vary according to the package and country.


Track your parcel in real-time so you know where it is at any moment. Once it has been delivered, you’ll receive a delivery confirmation.

With our team of expert courier delivery professionals and our unique technology platform, Send it provides customers with the best shipping rates in real time.

Whether you’re sending a document, a suitcase or a passport, our constantly updated intelligence of every supply route available at any given moment ensures trouble-free delivery even during the most uncertain moments.

From express shipping to freight and cargo, we handle it all – and with international tracking, you have peace of mind.
Because Send it agrees preferred rates with courier companies, you get the luxury of choosing the type of service that fits your unique needs – all in one place, right here, right now.

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